About Caricature Ink

Caricature INK was established in 2007. We started as a small group of artists that traveled from Festivals to State fairs. Eventually, our staff grew and now we entertain at many events across the east coast. You will mainly find us set up at State fairs, however, we also entertain at private events, Promotions, and parties.

Caricatures are great for promotional events too. At conventions, our artists drive traffic to your booth and our product can be personalized with your company logos. A lot of time fliers that are handed out end up in the trash moment after being handed out. However, caricatures get hung on the wall, sometimes for years. Wouldn’t it be great to have your logo on someone’s wall for a long time?

Digital Caricatures

Digital Caricatures are drawn using the latest technology, using a tablet or iPad we draw and display everyone’s drawing. With a large monitor, the whole group is entertained by our artists. Many laughs and giggles are to be had while everyone waits to get their personalized drawing made right before their eyes. The drawings are then uploaded online where you’ll be able to retrieve the file for reprints. You can even order other products such as T-Shirts and Mugs with the images.

Zoom Caricature Entertainment

Events such as parties, Business meetings, and Promotions can have Virtual arts.
You can have an artist draw via Zoom right from their studio. We can draw your guest no matter where they are. Your logo can be put as a footer at the bottom of every drawing to commemorate any event. All that is needed is a computer with an internet connection. Art is mirrored to the video chat and uploaded to DROPBOX for retrieval.

Virtual art classes. Homeschoolers needing art credits can spend time with an artist learning basic art skills and the foundations of becoming a caricature artist. Using Zoom and their iPad or tablet, budding artists learn how to harness their talents to create their own cartoons. Not only is this a fun activity but art helps develop out-of-the-box thinking and helps harness practice to make perfect.

Classic Caricatures

Hand-drawn on paper is a very traditional way to get a caricature done. Black and white sketches take only a few minutes and we typically can draw 12-20 faces per hour. This is a great option for pop-up events or fast entertainment for large groups. We can also color or draw themed sketches upon request.


Caricature Ink also offers Illustration services for all your graphic art needs. T-Shirt design, advertising art, and editorial illustration are part of our business. Looking for the perfect drawing to advertise your business? We can do all the drawings and graphics to take to print. Some of our clients are names such as State Farm Insurance, Dale Appell Law Attorney, Tampa International Airport, and Tampa Major Jane Castor.



Tim Reed with his beautiful wife, Joanne

Tim’s love and passion for art started at a very young age. As a child, Tim would draw caricatures of friends, teachers, and even bullies at school. Needless to say, he got detention and beaten up a lot. His determination was unwavering and he couldn’t stop drawing caricatures.

Being fascinated with the great illustrators of the past, he decided to attend college focusing on illustration art. This is where he met a local caricature artist who invited him to work at a local theme park. With this great new world of opportunity, he spent the next decade mastering his skills and drawing for some of the largest theme parks across the country. Tim went on to put together an eclectic group of the most talented artists from all around the country that will travel seasonally. They draw for thousands of people at state and county fairs across the nation.

Tim’s sketches are best described as whimsical and fun. Everyone gets a kick out of watching their friends being drawn. In just a few minutes, loved ones are transformed into cartoony versions of themselves. Tim continually seeks to educate himself while keeping up with the hottest trends and latest innovations in his field. He also draws cartoons digitally and freelances as an illustrator for major marketing corporations. Anything from Birthdays and Weddings to Retirements, Tim can bring your ideas to life.